25. novembre 2016    

Handcrafted beer is so much more to us than just a thirst quenching beverage. It is an experience, something to be savoured, one of life’s great joys, a work of art. Yes, art. A well crafted beer is as much an object of art as the work of a poet, painter, sculptor, or author. I am not just speaking of the label which is on the finished product, or the liquid itself, but of the process behind what’s inside too.

The brewer’s blank canvass is their kettle and their power to create is only limited by what they

can conjure up in their own mind. Brewing is a pure form of expression and the ability of the brewmaster to produce something wholely unique using just four ingredients is nothing less than a thing of beauty. Art is food for the soul. As such it made perfect sense for us to bring together the World of hand crafted beer with the World of contemporary art. A few short weeks ago we collaborated together with World renowned Berlin based artist Katharina Grosse for the second incarnation of our BRLO Art Edition in celebration of our shared values of innovation and social responsibility.

A philosophy of ours at BRLO is to improve the environment in which we live by supporting

noble causes and championing sustainable business practices. Katharina Grosse is one of the founding members of ‘Wir machen Das’, a project which is “united by the goal of facing up to the challenges of worldwide migration through supporting and leading different projects and integration initiatives”. For the latest BRLO Art Edition Katharina Grosse, famous for her idiopathic style, hand painted 1000 bottles of our beer. Each bottle was a one of a kind art piece which was emblazoned with a striking array of electrifying colours. This was however not merely a vanity project. Each of the bottles were sold at a cost of €25 and the proceeds were donated directly to ‘Wir Machen Das’.

Together with the help of our friends König Gallerie we launched the bottles at an afterparty to coincide with the ABC (Art Berlin Contemporary) preview day. We set up a makeshift bar, miniature kitchen, dj booth and dancefloor inside the shell of our new Brwhouse. The rugged, industrial vibe of the venue made for an awe inspiring backdrop. A full spread of food from our wonderful kitchen team coupled with a well appointed BRLO bar kept all of us fuelled for a roaring evening. Friends, family, and members of the Berlin art scene (along with a gatecrasher or two) partied until the beer ran dry and by the end of the evening most of the custom designed bottles had been sold.

After the last soul made their way into the Berlin night we finally had the chance to pause and reflect on what we agreed was a night for the BRLO history books.

To everyone that was involved in the organisation and execution of this amazing event we wish to say thank you.

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