World Cup 2018 Stats

22. August 2018    

BRLO beer sold: Ummmm… no clue. A lot. Is that a number? Good. We sold a lot.
Hours spent watching football: Ah. Hrm. Is “quite a bit” a quantifiable amount? Great! We watched quite a bit of football.
Sausages eaten: Many. There were many sausages eaten.

Meaning – my god, we were too busy to even think.

It was a wild and unpredictable World Cup and while (most of us) didn’t get the result we’d hoped for, to have a beergarden, with a ridiculously large screen (sorry neighbors), with a satellite feed 15 seconds faster than cable (really sorry, neighbors) and people of different backgrounds coming together night-after-night to scream, cry and celebrate is something that makes all of the madness worth it.

So thank you, dear friends. Thank you for coming out and taking part.

(And to those who hate football, you’ll be glad to know the beergarden has gone back to normal!)

With love and appreciation,



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