About us.


Experiencing days of sleepless nights because you still don’t know how to pronounce BRLO? Really, we don’t care; the main thing is you taste and enjoy our beer!

But as a little hint: BRLO is the old Slavic origin of the name Berlin. Together with the suffix “-in” it refers to a “swamp” area or “dry spot in a wetland”. We find this quite suitable for a craft beer brand !

Therefore, BRLO is deeply rooted in the history of our beloved capital, but at the same time open to reinterpretation. BRLO represents passionate, creative and artisanal beer that is both fun and appealing to all the sense.


The Brlo-Team

We founders hail from Franconia, Berlin, and Mecklenburg. Together, we are pleased to contribute our part to the German craft beer movement from the capitol city. Our friendship did not start in the capitol, though. Katharina and Christian are friends from college. While Katharina discovered her interest and passion for craft beer abroad, Christian discovered his on beer tours with his father.

Each went separate ways upon graduating yet promised to meet again in Berlin. After a boozy evening, the brewing idea to “do something with beer” matured and did not escape the thoughts of the two. Michael is the third in our founding team. He has lived for brewing for as long as he could think (well, almost). After training as a brewer and maltster, he completed his renowned Brewers Diploma. But after working in a large industrial brewery, it quickly became boring. Since he did not want to call his mother about controlling his brews in his own self-built brewery anymore, he now prefers to brew for BRLO. Therefore, Michael is the king of the brewing pots, even if Katharina and Christian love to diligently give their two cents.

Together: WE LOVE BEER! Because, let’s face it: Is there a more beautiful thing that connects people and can make the perfect moment even better?

In the last few months our small team has also grown. Besides our administartive support and small brew team we now have an awesome gastronomy team, which give everything they’ve got in running the BRLO BRWHOUSE.

Are you over 18?

Are you over 18 years old?