Plastic Free Straws

5. September 2018    

A few weeks ago, we announced that we – along with a large part of Berlin! – were moving away from plastic straws, and needed some suggestions for alternates. And we couldn’t have been more thrilled to see how much support and advice we received. Since then, we’ve chased every suggestion sent our way and have sampled almost all of them. Glass, metal, paper, plant-based plastic, even pasta! And while we’ve made a temporary decision (white ones, pictured), we’re still not 100% happy, as they’re a bit too short and have a weird texture. But we went with them because, to be honest, the market is almost empty and these were the only ones in stock for large restaurants! Which is kindof a cool problem to have – knowing that the majority of people are moving away from plastic. But the hunt will continue! And we wanted to say “Thank you!” to everyone who reached out, and who continue to help us – along with Berlin, along with Germany, and along with the world – to make it #plasticfree. PRST!


Are you over 18?

Are you over 18 years old?