Our beers are brewed with artisanal qualities in small-scale batches. Other than our Helles, we stay true to not filtering the brews so that important and healthy nutrients are retained. Each beer is given enough valuable time to mature and develop its unique hops aroma.

Large industrial breweries spend lots of money to ensure that your beer is painfully normalized and only tastes identical. With our craft beer, Lady Luck and chance can play positive roles: the taste of a craft beer also always depends on the particular hop harvest. A few years of gypsy brewing came to an end in October 2016 with the completion of our own brewery inside our innovative container structure. At the BRLO BRWHOUSE we are constantly experimenting with new styles as well as brewing our Berliner Weisse. Our bottles are now brewed and packaged at Craft Zentrum in Spandau, Berlin.

We only work with selected raw material suppliers. Our malt supplier is the small family firm, Rhön Malz, from Lower Franconia, because of their ecologically-sound and handcrafted art of production.

Our hops supplier Joh. Barth & Sohn, a traditional family firm from Nuremberg, also has hops production in the USA and Australia. Therefore, with this international presence, we are able to source high-quality and unique aroma hops from just one supplier.

Water is the most important ingredient of a beer in terms of quantity. In our own brewery at Gleisdreieck we use a filter system from one of our partners LEOGANT.

As a Berlin craft beer brand, we are active in our communities and sustainable in our practices. This begins with the selection of our raw materials and brewing partner, and continues through to the regional community projects we financially support. These projects are regularly published on our website.

We are happy to donate our craft beer for charitable events in Berlin. Write us HERE and tell us about your project! Please understand that we can only sponsor a limited amount of events per month and therefore cannot support all inquiries.

Projects we support

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