Introducing: Hit the Silk

10. August 2018    

Sometimes trends are meant to be followed. Other times you have to carve out your own niche.

Wylam have been pushing the boundaries of taste, texture, aroma and flavour in recent years, having successfully made the transition from real ale purists to masters of contemporary brewing – all under the stewardship of brewmaster Ben Wilkinson.

2018 saw an exciting development for the team at Wylam. A second brewery – a spin-off project, nonetheless – was to be opened. And it opened in an unbelievable 11-week timeframe:

Meet By The River Brew Co. – an independent container community which dominates the waterfront beneath the Tyne Bridge. And with a new container brewery in town, it made perfect sense to join forces for a brew.

For our collaborative effort, we decided to take inspiration from Wylam’s back catalog of fresh, bold and impressively balanced IPAs – most notably “Midnight Train to Byker” – to brew an assertively hopped beer, which masterfully incorporated an elevated alcohol content.

The result of this meeting of minds was a hop-charged monster, clocking in at an impressive 9%ABV.

Life is moving at a supersonic speed. Times are turbulent. It’s time to come back down to Earth. Hit the Silk! An aggressive aromatic boom of pulped stone & tropical fruit will punch out and crash down on your tongue, followed by a silky body which will land softly, shrouding your pallet.


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Are you over 18 years old?