19. October 2015    

Finally, we are very proud to present our new brand of beer: the Berliner Weisse – a refreshing sour beer. It is to be served ice-cold and straight up – without syrup, of course!

Nowadays, the Berliner Weisse has become a very touristic drink not served in his original form anymore. You hardly find the sour beer without the syrups “Waldmeister” or “Himbeere”, which completely changes the taste of this yummy beer style. This is why we intended to go “back to the roots” and brew a delicious original Weisse. Even Napoleon fancied this beer style and called it “Champagne du Nord”.

The ingredients of a Berliner Weisse are water, malted barley, malted wheat, hops and yeast. Simply with the input and treatment of lactobacilli, a Weisse gets its typcial sour taste. Our Weisse has 4% and is a rather light and refreshing beer which suits perfectly as an aperitif or to fruity desserts.

We brew the Berliner Weisse in the Landsberg brewery and you can officially buy it now from us, also in our online shop. We know it is not summer anymore, but trust us – you will also love this beer in winter! PRST



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