6. July 2020    


Summer is here and so are never-ending hours at the lakes, letting days turn into nights and then into mornings. And to make this summer even tastier, we have brewed 3 new and 1 favorite beers, then packaged them in a new format – making it easier to go, easier to drink.

BLURRY VISION – HAZY IPA Seeing double? That’s just Berlin, darling! A busy-but- smooth brew, our golden Hazy IPA breaks the mold with an explosion of peach and pineapple in its aromatic basket. As experimental and wild as the city it comes from.

COMING SOON: HAPPY PILS – NEW-AGE PILSNER Our New Age Pilsner does spark joy. Noble hops bring citrus balance to this floral, fruity brew, complimented by a pleasant bitterness. Think Pils, but hoppier. Think tradition, but reimagined. Think your day, but so much better.

NAKED – ALCOHOL-FREE PALE ALE We Berliners think everything is better in the nude. Citra, Mandarina Bavaria and Lemondrop deliver spicy notes that perfectly balance the malt & honey with a voluptuous body, thus proving you can actually have fun without alcohol – as long as it’s NAKED!

COMING SOON: BERLIN JAM – BERLINER WEISSE WILD BERRIES Surprising, sharp and with a little more punch than you’re used to from a Berliner Weisse, this remix of elderberry, blueberry, blackberry + red and black currant delivers more fruity madness than Berghain at 4am.

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