Craft Beer Zentrum

1. March 2018    

The news we had to keep to ourselves for a while and are so happy that we can come clean:

Craft Zentrum in Spandau is open, all brewing coppers are working wonderfully and the first bottling is about to happen! All thanks to founder Ivan Semikin, who has created Germanys first brewing and bottling centrum for craft brewers. Step-by-step we will relocate our entire bottling to Spandau and soon all our beer will be 100% brewed in Berlin!

Meanwhile the Craft Zentrum shall remain open for all the craft brewers out there who can rent it to brew and bottle their own creations, hence making the craft beer scene in Berlin even more diverse.

A 20 hectoliter brewery and a tank capacity of 10.000 hectoliters per year are planned for the first phase. The professional bottling plant (4.000 bottles per hour) is flexible for different package sizes (even your five liter party can), and this will hopefully solve the usual headache for gypsy brewers which is finding a proper bottling line.


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Are you over 18 years old?