24. October 2017    

We had no idea what we were doing. We can say that now because it’s over and it worked and it seems like everyone had a good time. We can say that now because out of that weekend came dozens of ideas on how to make craft beer both more sustainable, and less analog.

But we really had no idea what we were doing. Where will everyone sleep? Will the wifi be fast enough? Will we have enough coffee to keep everyone awake and will we have enough beer to keep everyone happy? Oh yeah… WHAT THE HELL IS A “HACKATHON”???


Fortunately, at all worked out and we’re now excited about the next one.


But we owe it all to the hackers, coders, freaks, geeks, and nerds who came out and lived in our BRWHOUSE for 28 hours, asking questions we had no idea shold be asked and held our proverbial hands while walking us through some amazing ideas. And not just solutions for BRLO, but for brewers everywhere. The coolest aspect of this was that all idea, formulas, code and presentations are open-source, and can be found here. Feel free to go in and run with any and all of this information.


And congratulations to our winners: Team Crosslend: Filipe Garcia, Florian Batschi, Marco Hinz, Oleksandr Erm, Oliver Schimek, Alex Lawrence

Team Beer: Shuhei Kagawa, Dane Soba, Marek Checinski

Team BrewUp: Maya McBeath, Adam Cochrane, Astrid Möller, Julian Güttge, Caroline Pippel

But, most importantly, to the entirety of those who attended, a very, very big “thank you” from all of us.


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Are you over 18 years old?