14. April 2015    

BRLO is against bee mortality in Berlin! That’s why we have visited the Imkerverein Steglitz e.V. (beekeepers association) closed to Tiergarten and have supported them with 500 € from our beer sales. Or more in detail: we have overtaken 10 sponsorships of beehives and received 20 glasses of amazing honey from the Imkerverein in appreciation of. We love honey beer and you can be excited about what we are going to do with the honey sooner or later.

Background bee mortality

 For several years it is known that around the world more and more bee colonies die. Since bees are essential for pollination of plants and hence also for the crop yield in agriculture, this trend is worrying. In addition, many beekeepers are threatened by the “bee mortality” in their existence. The inventory in the spring often brings forth a sobering result. That a beekeepers within a winter loses a third of its bees today is not uncommon. It often is confusion about what is the exact cause of the phenomenon “bee mortality”. But it is clear that a number of factors play a role. Among other things, the use of pesticides in agriculture is blamed for the death. Since these pesticides are not applied in residential areas, apiculture in cities is increasingly predicted as a success.

The Imkerverein Steglitz e.V. (beekeepers association) has taken on the task to counteract the bee population in Berlin and to fight for the preservation of the honey bee. And with success: in recent years, the growth rates of the bee colonies were regularly in the 2-digit range. In total, there are around 4,000 bee colonies in Berlin. These successes were achieved, among other things thanks to bees sponsorships. We see the association’s work is very important and worthy of support. More info about the bees sponsorships can be found here: Imkerverein Steglitz


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