19. June 2019    

With a total of 3,400+ guests in 2 daysat our BRWHOUSE beer garden at the Gleisdreieck Park, The BRLO BRWFEST 2019 was a big success.  14 guest breweriesfrom all over the world brought a huge selection of beers, giving guests a choice of 105 different beers(as well as a large selection of BRLO, of course!)

Among those beers, 25 beers that were tapped for the first time in Germanyby breweries such as Sierra Nevada, Doris Corvos, Oedipus, Brasserie du Grand Paris, Brasserie de la Senne and North Brewing Co. 

3440 liters of craft beer from Belgium, France, Portugal, Germany, Norway, UK, Netherlands, Estonia, USA and Denmark were consumed.


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Are you over 18 years old?