We have our own brewery in a space built out of 38 shipping containers since 2016. It is very centrally located in the Park am Gleisdreieck with an affiliated restaurant and beergarden. The 20HL Braukon system is a dream come true for our brewmaster Michael. Take a peek through the looking glass at the bar.

In our brewery we don’t limit ourselves to just brewing the core range of BRLO beer (Helles, Pale Ale, German IPA, Porter, Berliner Weisse). We regularly experiment with new ingredients and new styles to conjure up once off creations. Our concept offers us the freedom to not only pursue new ideas of our own, but also the chance to invite some of our friends from the world of beer to come and man our kettles alongside us for collaborative brews. We believe that a fantastic final product is only as good as its individual components. With this in mind we carefully select everything which goes into our tanks: ecological malt grown in accordance and exceptional aroma hops which lend our beer its characteristic flavour. 

Are you over 18?

Are you over 18 years old?