Biergarten Summer Hours

4. April 2018    

Ohhhhhhh, gurl! This gorgeous weather has us in the best of moods, so we’re wanting to make sure you know our biergarten hours for the season (see: until Oct.!).

Sunday: 12p-Everyone realizes they have to work tomorrow
Monday: 12p-Everyone realizes it’s Monday and they probably shouldn’t be this drunk on a Monday
Tuesday: 12p-Last person goes home
Wednesday: 12p-People stop drinking BRLO
Thursday: 12p-Until you stop tipping the staff
Friday: 12p-People start making out in our photobooth
Saturday: 12p-Whenever ’cause it’s Saturday and we’re not your parents

TL;DR – Biergarten is open every day at noon.

See you soon, lovers.


Are you over 18?

Are you over 18 years old?