Unsere Biere

BRLO x Jopen – Brother Brother, Double with a twist

This bond of brotherhood results in a spicy surprise thanks to the juniper and black pepper. A very warming Double with sweet gale and dark malt flavors like caramel.

BRLO Banana Twist – Prototype

Berlin just might be the capital of experimentation. In fact, when traced back, “Berlin” actually means “Never thought I’d do that!” in Slavic. So what kind of brewery would we be if we didn’t do a bit ourselves? For this prototype, our brewers played with our famous Pale Ale recipe and gave it a tantalizing twist of banana by adding more wheat and a classic German Weizenbier yeast, resulting in a lush and fruity beer that will pull you back for a few more. Hooray for experimenting! (Or, as wecall it here in Berlin –“Tuesday”)

6% VOL. | 35 IBU

BRLO Bavarian Blowout

The first release of 2019 is a bavarian winter classic. This full-bodied and fruity Weizendoppelbockhas just the right punch to get you through the long and grey Berlin winter yet at the same time already reminds you of warmer times to come. With 8.5 ABV it certainly isn’t a lightweight but creamy and sessionable enough for you to slam two or three entire Maß of it. Cheers!

8,5% VOL. | 30 IBU

BRLO Ariana Grande Vol.2

In the second year of our green hopping series, we have decided to create an IPA. As in the first year we used the popular hop variety Ariana. It can not get any fresher!

5,5% VOL. | 45 IBU

T’as La Pêche

BRLO had a rendezvous with Outland from Paris and the result is 400kg of peach + apricot and a heavy addition of flaked oats and wheat, making this beauty a juice-lovers wet dream. T’as la pêche!

5% VOL. | 26 IBU


The first in a series of turbo charged beers designed to shock and awe your senses, this beer comes with a dry-hop charge of 25g/litre. Lock your pallet in a dog fight against a state of the art double IPA, which will unleash barrage after barrage of New World hops that will explode upon impact in an awesome array of stone and tropical fruit aromas.

7,3% VOL. | 30 IBU

BRLO Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

A wonderfully complex Imperial Stout matured for three months in bourbon barrels. Notes of cocoa nibs, vanilla, caramel, oak and dried fruit meld with the subtle warmth of straight bourbon.

12% VOL. | 80 IBU


The latest edition of our fruit-infused Berliner Weisseseries sees soulmates basil and raspberry intertwine in a tryst, which results in a lovechild of epic proportions. Raspberry couli, garnished with a smattering of bruised basil, dominates the aroma leading to a lingering, tangy finale.

4% VOL. | 5 IBU

BRLO x Breakside – Brut of Roses

No technical enzymes, no finings, no short-cuts; simply the culmination of years of brewing knowhow and the result of a few to many nights lost to the dynamic duo of rosé and Bon Jovi. BRLO x Breakside present, Brut of Roses: hand-picked Oregon rose hips and hibiscus petals impart a roseate hue and floral redolence while champagne yeast crowns off our pink love affair, lending a hallmark dryness to our faux-sé. Store cold, drink fresh.

6% VOL. | 10 IBU

BRLO x Lervig – Rosinenbomber

Inspired by the iconic C-47 Candy Bomber plane next to our brewery, our ‘Rosinenbomber’ delivers a payload of dark chocolate, dried fruit, vanilla, and cocoa nibs, guaranteed to evoke a childlike joy in those lucky enough to cross its path.

12% VOL. | 80 IBU

BRLO Half Naked Prototype 2.0

After several trials of different hop varities, malt types and yeast strains, we believe we have finally succeeded in our goal: to brew the perfect low-alcohol-full-flavour substitute to a Radler. Half Naked is as refreshing and restorative as a walk through a blooming meadow on a  Summer’s Day. Aromas of freshly mown grass, newly harvested hops, lime zest, dandelions, and passionfruit are supported by a rich body and a short sharp bitter finale. Store Cold. Drink Fresh.

2,8% VOL. | 15 IBU


Our second collaboration with our friends from across the pond, Steamworks. A healthy dose of plump strawberries and fresh rhubarb lend a roseate hue to this re-imagining of our classic Berliner Weisse. Expect a pang of sourness which is balanced perfectly by a gorgeous burst of ripe fruits. The Strawberry Rhubarb Weisse marks a landmark occasion in our longstanding relationship with Steamworks. It is the first in an ongoing series of beers which will be shipped between Berlin and Vancouver.

4% VOL. | 5 IBU

BRLO x Run The Jewels – Down

You’re gonna need a bigger boat, boys and girls, ’cause you’re in trouble with this CBD-infused double IPA. Bone-dry, bitter and dank to the core. DOWN, the 2nd collab between iconic hip hop duo Run The Jewels × BRLO.

7,5% VOL. | 75 IBU

BRLO x Run The Jewels – Legend Has It

From the minds of Run the Jewels and the hands of Berlin’s BRLO, step into the spotlight with this CBD-infused pilsner. Dry-hopped with Brandenburg hemp and Columbus hops, expect a mouthful of dank followed by a crisp finish, making this a perfect session beer.

5% VOL. | 40 IBU

BRLO Half Naked Prototype 1.0

A delightfully inviting zesty and fresh aroma of lime and tangerine, leads to pleasantly rich body with herbal and spiced notes. Half Naked is our superbly drinkable answer to those times were you want to have the roundness and depth of flavour of an intense IPA, without being thwarted by a hefty abv.

BRLO – Mango Maracuja Weisse

An  explosive  aroma of tropical  fuits dominate this innovative  spin on our classic Berliner Weisse.  Over 200KG of fresh fruit puree lend this  beer its golden orange hue and incomparable  aroma. The Summer may be over, but this beer  is pure sunshine in a glass!

4% VOL. | 5 IBU

BRLO x By The River Brew Co.- Hit The Silk

Life is moving at a supersonic speed. Times are turbulent. It’s time to come back down to earth and emancipate your senses. Hit the Silk. An aggressive aromatic boom of pulped stone & tropical fruit will punch out and crash down on your tongue, followed by a silky body which will land softly, enshrouding your palate. This imperial New England IPA is the result of a meeting of minds between two breweries with a shared affinity for containers: BRLO and By the River Brew Co.

9% VOL. | 35 IBU

BRLO x Brussels Beer Project – Le Flaneur

Voila! Our second collab with our friends from Brussels, and the latest creation to amble through our brew house- Le Flaneur. A light, bright, elegant, highly effervescent, dry-hopped dance of simple base malt and noble hops. Peppered with beautiful notes of spice and bubblegum, and complimented by a restrained tartness- thanks to a gentle kettle souring with our house lactobacillus culture.

5 VOL. | 25 IBU

BRLO x Zagovor- Black³

Gose w/ Blackberries, Blackcurrant, Kostroma black salt

A trio of blackberries, blackcurrants, and black Kostroma salt coalesce to bring an intense depth of colour, aroma, and flavour to our modern interpretation of the classic Leipziger Gose. Black³ presides over a well attenuated, yet stunningly rich, brilliant burgundy body, which balances subtle salinity with a sweet fruity kick. A lip-smacking tartness awaits, which will leave you longing for the next sip, before you’ve finished your first!

4 VOL. | 15 IBU

BRLO x Tiny Rebel- El Hefe

Our Hopfenweizen is a beautiful interplay of fruity yeast and tropical hop aromas. It is hopped to the hilt with an impressive 25g/Litre of juicy fruit-forward varieties. This is a classic Weizen with New England sensibilities.

6% VOL. | 20 IBU

BRLO x Brewdog- SOS (MayDay)

Clocking in at 6.4% abv and lighter in appearance than a traditional Bock, SOS (May Day) will initially coat your palate in toasty and biscuit malt characters before a perfectly harmonious clash of noble and new world hops that give the beer a fruity edge leading into a dry finish. SOS (May Day) was incepted as part of a series of ten epic collaborations with breweries from across Europe

6,4% VOL. | 35 IBU

BRLO Yes We Can!

Say hello to one of the hoppiest little beers we’ve brewed to date! Three late stage hop additions and a double dry-hopping contribute a restrained bitterness and a powerful thump of stone and tropical fruit, while ample additions of wheat, oats, and rye ensure a luscious and hazy body. Store cold. Drink fresh.

6,5% VOL. | 20 IBU

Redlight X

Using our Redlight ale as its base, Redlight X comes equipped with a sultry smoke, thanks to the addition of smoked malt to the grist. The smokiness adds an extra layer of complexity and softens up the blow of this heavy hitter.

5% VOL. | 60 IBU

BRLO KaDeWe Pils

To celebrate the launch of our slick new location- in KaDeWe- we have brewed an exclusive, crisp and cool Pils- befitting of our first home away from home. KaDeWe pils is our interpretation of a classic North German Pils. A backbone of Pilsner and Munich malt provides the launching pad for beautiful noble hops to shine to their floral and spicy heart’s content, while a subdued bitterness and restrained abv make this beer the perfect choice for some Frühshoppen.

5% VOL. | 25 IBU

BRLO x Carsten Nicolai: Yuzu Lager

The third beer in our ART EDITION series saw us infusing a simple and elegant golden ale with freshly pulped Yuzu. Mellow citrus notes give some edge to a superbly rounded base beer.

4% VOL. | 20 IBU

BRLO Neipa Neipa

This take on the popular New England IPA style was brewed to compete against Hamburg’s own Überquell Brewery in the first ever metropolis beer battle. At the time of brewing, Neipa Neipa was the hoppiest beer we had ever brewed. A perfect meld of New World hops and a rich oat and wheat driven body.

8% VOL. | 20 IBU

BRLO Redlight Ale

What was meant to be a Double IPA turned into a wonderful accident in the red light of our brewery at Gleisdreieck. Fruity, malty, bitter and a wee-more hoppy than most Red Ales, we immediately fell in love and knew it belonged in a bottle.


Water, Malt (Pilsner Malt, Red Caramel Malt, Dark Caramel Malt , Pale Wheat), Hops (Polaris, Amarillo), Yeast (London Ale)

How to drink it

Pair with dark veggies, pungent game or spicy curry.

5% VOL. | 50 IBU

BRLO x Epic Brewing- Goosebumps

Imperial Berliner Weisse w/ Gooseberries

Epic Brewing is the first brewery in Utah which is dedicated to brewing exclusively strong beers. When they visited us at BRLO, we knew we would have to brew something special. We amped up our classic Berliner Weisse recipe to imperial status, used a shed-load of redolent El Dorado hops from the good old U-S-A in the whirlpool, and finished it all off by adding Gooseberry puree to the FV at a rate of 12g per litre and dry-hopping with Idaho 7.

6% VOL. | 30 IBU

BRLO x Mad Scientist- Hoppiest Barrack

The Hoppiest Barrack- A tribute to our friends, Mad Scientist, from the eponymous state. A homage to one of the emerging stars of the craft beer movement, the mighty NEIPA. An ode to our one true love, hops. This beer is big, bold, and beautiful, bearing all of the hallmarks of its breed: a soft pillowy body – thanks to lavish additions of oats and rye, an aggressive aroma – thanks to ludicrous dry hopping rates, and a restrained bitterness – due to unconventional hopping methods. The result, a cavalcade of stone and tropical fruits which makes for a sublimely moreish sipper.

6,5% VOL. | 20 IBU

BRLO x Browar Stu Mostow- Fruit Ale

Inspired by the idea to make a beer which could be enjoyed warm during the harsh Berlin Winter, this Fruit Ale was borne. Our second collaboration beer with Stu Mostów saw our creative brewteam adding dried fruits- including: 50kg of plums, 30kg of apples and 10kg of dried pears- to a gently hopped ale. The result, an absolute winter cracker.

5% VOL. | 30 IBU

BRLO x Brewdog Berlin Mitte – Dr. Frank’s Happy Pils

Brewed for Collabfest 2017 with BrewDog Berlin Mitte. This imperial Pils is bursting to the brim with tropical fruit aromas.

7% VOL. | 50 IBU

BRLO x 40FT Brewery- Container Love

The New England craze had well and truly arrived to Germany in the early months of 2017. As is tradition, flaked oats, malted wheat and rye were added to the grist, for a palate-enveloping mouthfeel and characteristic haze, and hopping was forgone during the boil in favour of multiple dry hop charges, lending this beer its intense stone fruit and tropical aromas.

5% VOL. | 20 IBU

BRLO x Brussels Beer Project- Bla Bla Sour

Our first collaboration with the Brussels Beer Project. Pineapple puree was added after fermentation adding a tropical punch to a clean lactic sour.

6,4% VOL. | 15 IBU

BRLO x Pirate Brew Berlin- Antonia’s Secret

A Munich Helles brewed in typical Pirate style. This collab was made as a “thank you!” to the Pirate’s Christina, who interned in our brewery for the best part of 2017.

5% VOL. | 25 IBU

Madame Grey – Berlin Beer Week 2017

The Berliner Bierfabrik and BRLO have teamed up to brew this year’s official Berlin Beer Week beer. MADAME GREY, is a dry-hopped lager which has been infused with Bergamot, Lady & Earl Grey tea leaves.

5% VOL. | 25 IBU

BRLO x The White Hag- Fool’s Gold

When fools collide strange things happen. On April 1st 2017, we mashed in a chimera of a dry Irish stout and a Berliner Weisse. The result: an excellent, tart and tangy, malt-driven sour.

5% VOL. | 35 IBU

Rum Barrel Aged Baltic Porter

The third iteration in our series of barrel aged versions of our award-winning Baltic Porter, which were released as Christmas specials at the end of 2017. This addition was matured for three months in rum barrels.

7% VOL. | 50 IBU

Ruby Porto Barrel Aged Baltic Porter

The second of three barrel aged versions of our award-winning Baltic Porter, which were released as Christmas specials at the end of 2017, this addition was matured for three months in Ruby Port barrels- which had previously housed Gin from, the Hamburg Based, Gin Sul.

7% VOL. | 50 IBU

Muskatell Barrel Aged Baltic Porter

The first in a trio of the barrel aged versions of our award-winning Baltic Porter, which were released as Christmas specials at the end of 2017. This addition was matured for three months in Muskatell barrels.


7% VOL. | 50 IBU

Tobi’s Special Ale

The people’s choice winner of the first ever German home brewer’s championship, Tobi, came to the BRWHOUSE, shortly after his coronation, to rebrew his award-winning Irish Brown Ale.

5% VOL. | 15 IBU

Victorian Secret

Produced using a once lost breed of barley (Chevalier),  this beer is an astonishingly well-balanced and well-rounded lager. Notes of biscuit come to the fore and are complimented by a delicate floral spice.


5% VOL. | 20 IBU

R/D Lager

Affectionately referred to as our ‘MOHLA’ (Mono hopped Lager), R/D was brewed especially for our friends R/D. This classic Bavarian lager was charged with Hallertauer Mittelfrüh hops during the boil, in the whirlpool, and finally, after fermentation, to provide notes of lemongrass, petals, and spice.


5% VOL. | 25 IBU

Brazilian Blowout

Based on the first creation to come from the kettles at Gleisdreieck, this iteration is finished with an infusion of Malagueta chilis which were grown in our Brazilian brewmasters garden in Sao Paulo, lending a beautiful warmth which intensifies with every sip. For those who know: Brazilian Blowout is actually a hair-drying technique from Brazil.


5% VOL. | 60 IBU

Ceylon Chai

In 2017 our founder, Katharina, spent several weeks traversing the diverse brewing landscape of the United States in search of pioneers who were engaging in sustainable business practices. During these eye-opening few weeks, she met some truly inspiring individuals and innovators – one of those being Subra Eswaran.

Subra is the 3rd generation leader of Sri Lanka based Eswaran Tea, the world’s first carbon-neutral tea business. Subra came to visit us in late November and brought with him some of his Ceylon tea. With it, we brewed a spiced winter ale. Expect a waft of cinnamon, clove and star anise and a gentle warmth to keep you cozy during those long, cold Berlin nights.


4,5% VOL. | 35 IBU


Brewed with the feisty Ariana hop, our first ever wet hopped beer. This crisp and clean lager is peppered with fresh and zesty hop aromas.

5% VOL. | 35 IBU

Double IPA

A big, bold, and burley Double IPA that comes jam-packed with notes of spice and ripe red fruits.


7,5% VOL. | 60 IBU


A golden spin on two favorites – a West Coast IPA and the famous (and highly trademarked, cough) droid – our C4PO comes programmed with 4 „C“ hops: Citra, Cascade, Centennial and Chinook, plus a 7% force of pine, citrus, and tropical fruits, adding a perfect combination to the dry and bitter brew it flew in on. Thank the maker!


Water, Malt (Barley Malt, Wheat Malt), Hops (Citra, Cascade, Centennial and Chinook), Yeast

How to drink it

Enjoyed best on a beach under the scorching sun or while taking a nice oil bath. Thank the maker!

7% VOL. | 60 IBU


Our proof that you can have fun without too much alcohol. A non-alcoholic pale ale for balmy summer nights. Citra, Mandarina Bavaria and Lemondrop bring forth earthy and herbal notes which perfectly balance the sweetness of our malt bill. And at only 40 IBUs, Naked is the perfect alternative to a heavy hitting IPA, but without the hangover.


Water, Malt (Barley Malt, Wheat Malt), Hops (Lemondrop, Mandarina Bavaria, Citra), Yeast

How to drink it

Well cooled. In the morning, afternoon and at night. During the fasting period and in-between. Before, during or after sports.

<0,5% VOL. | 40 IBU

BRLO x Berlin Braufest 2016- Swit & Saultry

A collaboration by five female brewers (BRLO, Pirate Brew Berlin, Hops & Barley, Bierlieb) for Berlin Braufest 2016. A salty spin on a classic Belgian Witbier.

5% VOL. | 30 IBU

BRLO x Camba Bavaria- 4 Grains 4 Summer

An easy drinking summer sipper, brewed together with Camba Bavaria. 4 different grains (Wheat, Oats, Barley, Emmer) act as the springboard for fresh and zesty hops.

5% VOL. | 35 IBU

BRLO x Steamworks- Maple Smoked Weizenbock

The Steamworks’ team smuggled Canadian Maple chips across the Atlantic especially for this beer, which we then used to smoke a portion of our malt. The result: A German staple with a Canadian flourish.

6.5% VOL. | 20 IBU

BRLO x Browar Stu Mostow- Art8

Our first ever collab brew with our friends from the aptly named “Beer Capital of Poland”. 200kg of freshly picked Polish strawberries – added after fermentation – lend this beer its magnificent roseate hue and redolent jammy aroma.

3,8% VOL. | 10 IBU

BRLO Berliner Weisse

Our Berlin style White is to be served ice-cold and straight up – without syrup, of course! This refreshing sour beer is the perfect companion on a hot summer’s day. Even Napoleon fancied this beer style and called it “Champagne du Nord”. For real Berliners!


Water, Malted Barley, Malted Wheat, Hops, Yeast

How to drink it

Enjoy as an aperitif or later on to fruity desserts! Refreshes in summer and gives you warm thoughts on winter days!

4% VOL. | 5 IBU


Our brewmaster and staff’s favorite! This unfiltered India Pale Ale is brewed with three different hops from Germany, complimented with hints of toffee & caramel and coming in at a deliciously dangerous 7%.


Water, Malt (Pilsner Malt, Munich Malt, Caramel Malt, Malted Wheat), Hops (Polaris, Comet, Hüll Melon), Yeast

How to drink it

Perfect with BBQ and Ribs

7 % VOL. | 50 IBU

Weizen Doppelbock

A robust Bock, brewed with an ample amount of malted wheat for a fuller body and creamier mouthfeel.

7% VOL. | 20 IBU

Amber Honey Bock

Locally harvested Brandenburg honey was infused into this brew for an added richness and complexity. This beer was launched in one of Berlin’s finest bottle-shops, Biererei.

6,5 VOL. | 35 IBU

Weizen My Ass

A classic take on the Bavarian staple. A soft pillowy body proudly showcases fruity yeast esters of clove, nutmeg, and banana.

5% VOL. | 15 IBU

BRLO Porter

Winner of the gold at the 2017 World Beer Awards! A cross between an English Porter and a Russian Imperial Stout, this unfiltered Baltic Porter boasts subtle chocolate and coffee flavors. Legend has it that Catherine the Great loved this style of beer so much, she had it brewed in her court.


Water, Barley Malt (Pilsener Malt, Caramel Malt, Roast Malt), Hops (Herkules, Tettnanger), Yeast

How to drink it

Excellent with Sunday roasts, dark desserts and strong chocolate. For a "Pint and a chaser", pair it with vodka.

7% VOL. | 35 IBU

BRLO Helles

Our interpretation of a German beer classic. With barrels full of love and only the finest German hops, this handcrafted Lager tickles the taste buds with a nice peppy aroma. A perfect sidekick for every occasion.


Water, Barley Malt (Pilsener Malt, Munich Malt), Hops (Opal, Spalter Select, Tettnanger)

How to drink it

Palette-pleasing with steak and salad, at a party outdoors or while enjoying a cigarette. Also very fitting between exchanging kisses.

5% VOL. | 25 IBU

BRLO Pale Ale

By far our most popular beer and winner of the 2017 World Beer Silver award.  Through “dry hopping”, a wonderfully fruity hop aroma is created – but not just a pretty face! This unfiltered beauty comes in at a very respectable 6% ABV.


Water, Malt (Pilsner Malt, Munich Malt, Wheat Malt, Cara Malt), Hops (Cascade, Centennial, Citra, Saphir, Willamette), Yeast

How to drink it

Delicious with game, spicy cheeses, and a strong cigar by the fireplace. Also particularly good while skinny dipping.

6% VOL. | 35 IBU

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