Berliner Szenerestaurant 2017

25. October 2017    

As cliché as it might sound, we feel strange writing about being awarded the “Berliner Szenerestaurant 2017” at Berliner Meisterköche.

Strange because we write this sitting up in our office, looking down on the BRWHOUSE staff running around cooking, cleaning, serving, sitting guests, carrying crates of vegetables, choosing the music and making sure the toilets have toilet paper.

Strange because it’s the people who have supported us and our concept from Day One, who showed up as we were still learning how to be a brewery + bar + restaurant. People who forgave us for running around like mad in those first days (and still some weekends), who patiently waited at the bar while we were still figuring out the seating arrangements, people who quietly pointed out that we were out of toilet paper.

This is not a BRLO award. This is an award accepted by BRLO on behalf of all of those who make this idea work.

So – from the bottom of our hearts, from the hands burning over an open stove and from the heads of our beers – thank you.


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