Unsere Biere

BRLO – In Hops We Trust

Our contribution to the Hop Growers of America Contest 2019 – a fruity New England IPA with new world hops, brewed in Berlin. Pairs with anything except orange.

7% VOL. | 5 IBU New England IPA

BRLO – Polaris

It’s wet hop time again! For this year’s Wet Hop IPA, we harvested fresh Polaris hops from our friend Stefan Stanglmaier from the Hallertau.

6,5 % Alc. VOL. | 30 IBU Wet Hop IPA

Pink Boots – These boots are made for working

The Pink Boots Society (PBS) have paved the way for women’s roles in the beer industry. To commemorate their Collaboration Day, Berlin’s female brewers from Brewdog, BRLO, Einbar, Lemke, Schneeeule, Vagabund & other guests brewed together. The result: „These Boots Are Made for Working“ – a hops blend chosen by PBS – paired with wheat malt & oak flakes resulting in a hoppy, aromatic and tropical 6% brew. The beer is launched on International Women’s Day and proceeds go to educational scholarships for PBS members.

6 VOL. | 40 IBU American Wheat Ale

BRLO – Watermelon Man

Forever forgotten as one of the most versatile fruits (pairs with cheese + is a salad + holds a bottle of vodka when you’re young + makes a great hat), we decided to do the noble watermelon justice this summer by adding 1300kg of the pink wonder into a low-ABV Berliner Weisse. Hand-sliced, summer-hued and perfect for day-drinking.

2,8% VOL. | 5 IBU Berliner Weisse


It’s here. It’s queer. It tastes a lot like, well… beer, actually!

See, the fact is if you’ve been drinking BRLO before this, you’ve already been drinking some queer beer seeing how BRLO is made up of all colors of the rainbow! So we brewed a big gay beer to point out that, you know what – our beer doesn’t care who you go home with and neither should anyone else.

The Queer Beer will be available as a limited edition until CSD Berlin 2019 – Christopher Street Day 2019 – Berlin Pride at the BRLO BRWHOUSE and many bars allover Berlin. And with each purchase, you’ll be helping QUEERAMNESTY.DE

5% VOL. | 25 IBU Helles

BRLO – I Wish I Knew How To Quit You

For this modern-classic New England IPA we played around not only with a double-dried duo of Mosaic & Vic Secret hops, but also used a wide range of different malts to create a uniquely smooth beer that surprises with its complexity and deep aroma. “If you can’t fix it, Jack, you gotta stand it.” (Or, better yet, drink it!)


5,6 VOL. | 25 IBU New England IPA

BRLO – A Billion Suns

The news of the first black hole captured in a photo (by a badass female computer scientist!) came while we were sitting around trying to figure out a name for our new NEIPA and we had no choice but to celebrate such a monumental time in history. Our first release in April 2019, available in limited quantity. A juicy swell of hops with the gravitational pull of where time stops and experience begins.

6,0 VOL. | 25 IBU New England IPA

BRLO – Show me the way home, Honey

While the mere mention of nine hops (including Simcoe cryo) would have many reaching for the eject button, this supersonic blast of hazy, juicy and hoppy goodness – a Westberlin East Coast IPA boom of a brew, complete with Burlington Yeast from Whitelabs – lands just as it took off, with a powerful yet incredibly-drinkable delivery.

6,5% VOL. | 20 IBU New England IPA

BRLO – Mango Maracuja Weisse

An explosive aroma of tropical fruits dominate this innovative spin on our classic Berliner Weisse. Fresh Mango and Passion Fruit puree lend this beer its golden orange hue and incomparable aroma. The perfect summer beer!

4% VOL. | 5 IBU Berliner Weisse

BRLO Banana Twist – Prototype

Berlin just might be the capital of experimentation. In fact, when traced back, “Berlin” actually means “Never thought I’d do that!” in Slavic. So what kind of brewery would we be if we didn’t do a bit ourselves? For this prototype, our brewers played with our famous Pale Ale recipe and gave it a tantalizing twist of banana by adding more wheat and a classic German Weizenbier yeast, resulting in a lush and fruity beer that will pull you back for a few more. Hooray for experimenting! (Or, as wecall it here in Berlin –“Tuesday”).

6% VOL. | 35 IBU Pale Wheat Ale

BRLO Bavarian Blowout

The first release of 2019 is a bavarian winter classic. This full-bodied and fruity Weizendoppelbockhas just the right punch to get you through the long and grey Berlin winter yet at the same time already reminds you of warmer times to come. With 8.5 ABV it certainly isn’t a lightweight but creamy and sessionable enough for you to slam two or three entire Maß of it. Cheers!

8,5% VOL. | 30 IBU Weizen Doppelbock


The first in a series of turbo charged beers designed to shock and awe your senses, this beer comes with a dry-hop charge of 25g/litre. Lock your pallet in a dog fight against a state of the art double IPA, which will unleash barrage after barrage of New World hops that will explode upon impact in an awesome array of stone and tropical fruit aromas.

7,3% VOL. | 30 IBU Double IPA

BRLO Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

A wonderfully complex Imperial Stout matured for three months in bourbon barrels. Notes of cocoa nibs, vanilla, caramel, oak and dried fruit meld with the subtle warmth of straight bourbon.

12% VOL. | 80 IBU Imperial Stout


The latest edition of our fruit-infused Berliner Weisseseries sees soulmates basil and raspberry intertwine in a tryst, which results in a lovechild of epic proportions. Raspberry couli, garnished with a smattering of bruised basil, dominates the aroma leading to a lingering, tangy finale.

4% VOL. | 5 IBU Berliner Weisse

BRLO x Run The Jewels – Down

You’re gonna need a bigger boat, boys and girls, ’cause you’re in trouble with this CBD-infused double IPA. Bone-dry, bitter and dank to the core. DOWN, the 2nd collab between iconic hip hop duo Run The Jewels × BRLO.

7,5% VOL. | 75 IBU Double IPA

BRLO x Run The Jewels – Legend Has It

From the minds of Run the Jewels and the hands of Berlin’s BRLO, step into the spotlight with this CBD-infused pilsner. Dry-hopped with Brandenburg hemp and Columbus hops, expect a mouthful of dank followed by a crisp finish, making this a perfect session beer.

5% VOL. | 40 IBU Pils

BRLO KaDeWe Pils

To celebrate the launch of our slick new location- in KaDeWe- we have brewed an exclusive, crisp and cool Pils- befitting of our first home away from home. KaDeWe pils is our interpretation of a classic North German Pils. A backbone of Pilsner and Munich malt provides the launching pad for beautiful noble hops to shine to their floral and spicy heart’s content, while a subdued bitterness and restrained abv make this beer the perfect choice for some Frühshoppen.

5% VOL. | 25 IBU Pils

Brazilian Blowout

Based on the first creation to come from the kettles at Gleisdreieck, this iteration is finished with an infusion of Malagueta chilis which were grown in our Brazilian brewmasters garden in Sao Paulo, lending a beautiful warmth which intensifies with every sip. For those who know: Brazilian Blowout is actually a hair-drying technique from Brazil.


5% VOL. | 60 IBU Chili Ale

Weizen My Ass

A classic take on the Bavarian staple. A soft pillowy body proudly showcases fruity yeast esters of clove, nutmeg, and banana.

5% VOL. | 15 IBU Hefeweizen

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