Unsere Biere

BRLO x Emeka Ogboh – Things Fall Apart

“WHAT BEAUTY IS, I KNOW NOT”, a group exhibition by Kasper König at Galerie König opens August 18 2019 here in Berlin and we are beyond humbled to be able to take part in it with the inimitable Nigerian Artist Emeka Ogbo, who collaborated both in the brew, and designed the label, inspired by the core colors of 1819 “The Raft of The Medusa” – a tale of a failed society, colonialism, cannibalism and death. The result: Art Beer #3 “Things Fall Apart”. An 8.8% Amber Ale brewed with Sorghum, French hops and wood chips.⠀

So look for the vending machine in the exhibition (really!), grab some coins and enjoy another creation from König Galerie paired with a cold beer from BRLO.

The colours from the label of the bottle are the basic colours used in the picture from Géricault. The recipe also uses the painting as a starting point, as the amber ale was brewed with sorghum, an important staple in Africa, French hops and pieces of wood.

8,8% VOL. | IBU American Amber Ale

BRLO x Carsten Nicolai: Yuzu Lager

The third beer in our ART EDITION series saw us infusing a simple and elegant golden ale with freshly pulped Yuzu. Mellow citrus notes give some edge to a superbly rounded base beer.

4% VOL. | 20 IBU Lager

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