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BRLO is the slavic origin of the name Berlin. From our 38 shipping containers here in Berlin -in the heart of Gleisdreieck – we’re excited not to only present to you our award-winning beers, but also our award-winning restaurant, the BRLO BRWHOUSE. We’re not your normal brewery, and we kind of like that. We hope you do too.


"Save the planet - It's the only one with beer!"


Open Doors Craft Zentrum Berlin

16. July 2019    

Located in a former powder factory, CraftZentrum Berlin in Spandau is right on the water’s edge. On the weekend of the 20./21. of July, it opens its doors for a look at the brewery, as well as free brewery tours. In front of the CrafftZentrum,…


BRLO Queer Beer

16. July 2019    

It’s here. It’s queer. It tastes a lot like, well… beer, actually! See, the fact is if you’ve been drinking BRLO before this, you’ve already been drinking some queer beer seeing how BRLO is made up of all colors of the rainbow! So we brewed…



19. June 2019    

With a total of 3,400+ guests in 2 daysat our BRWHOUSE beer garden at the Gleisdreieck Park, The BRLO BRWFEST 2019 was a big success.  14 guest breweriesfrom all over the world brought a huge selection of beers, giving guests a choice of 105 different beers(as well as…


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