Meet El Hefe!

10. July 2018    

In 2009, a golden child of contemporary + classic brewing tradition was born: the Hopfenweizen, a chimera of a classic American IPA and the German heritage brew, Hefeweizen.

And less than a decade following that, we – alongside the mighty Tiny Rebel Brewing Co. – continued that evolution with our own little blossom:

El Hefe

Homage to the New England IPA, this golden-orange stunner is big bold and bears all of the hallmarks of its breed: a soft pillow-y body (thanks to lavish additions of wheat) an aggressive aroma (thanks to ludicrously dry hopping rates), and a restrained bitterness (thanks to unconventional hopping methods).

The result: a cavalcade of stone and tropical fruits and fruity yeast esters, which makes for a sublimely moreish sipper. Hopped to the hilt with 25g/Litre of juicy fruit forward varietals and brewed with lower levels of C02 for a thick mouthfeel.

Come chew on this.



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