What is craft beer?

Craftbeer currently has no legally defined definition in Germany. “Craft” can best be interpreted as “handmade or artisanal”. Nina Anika Klotz from defines craft beer as “the counterweight to mainstream beer of big corporations. Its makers are young, independent and unconventional. Craft brewers try out a wide variety of beer styles and raw materials and experiment with new flavors.”

What does BRLO mean?

BRLO is the old Slavic origin of the name Berlin.There are many interpretations as to the exact meaning of the word,  but it means something in the range of marshland or a dry area within a marshland. It is pronounced similarly to Berlin. Berlow.To be fair we don’t really mind how you pronunce the name as long as the beer tastes great! 

Where do you brew your beer?

A few years of gypsy brewing came to an end in October 2016 with the completion of our own brewery inside our innovative container structure. Using our 20HL Braukon system in the BRLO BRWHOUSE we are constantly experimenting with new styles as well as brewing our Berliner Weisse. As the demand for our beer is evergrowníng we rent the facilities of small family run breweries to brew our recipes. With this practice we remain as regional as possible: Our Helles is brewed in Brandenburg at Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle, and our Pale, German IPA, and Porter in Brauerei Landsberg in Saxony-Anhalt. We prepare all of our ingredients and personally oversee the brewing and filling of each batch. 

From where do you source your raw materials?

Our malt supplier is the small family firm, Rhön Malz, from Lower Franconia, because of their ecologically-sound and handcrafted art of production (as well as being both Naturland- and Bioland-certified). Our hops supplier Joh. Barth & Sohn, a traditional family firm from Nuremberg, also has hops production in the USA and Australia. This affords us the luxury of being able to source high-quality and unique aroma hops fthe World over. 

Is the beer BIO certified?

Reluctantly we must answer this question with a no. The fact that our malt comes from organic farming means that the majority of the raw materials used in the production of our beer are organic. However, the small breweries with whom we brew are not bio-certified, this means we are not even permitted to write the bio ingredients on the bottle label. But we’re working on it!

Do you brew your recipes in adherence with the Reinheitsgebot?


What is holistically treated water?

Water is the most important ingredient of a beer in terms of quantity. Therefore, our brewing water is energized with gemstones before the brewing even begins. Whether the taste is better is certainly subjective – but it unquestionably feels better! 

Why is your beer more expensive than macro brands such as Becks etc.?

Why is BRLO unavailable in many countries?

 It is possible to order cases of our beer as well as other merchandise online at

How do you select the social projects which you support?

Dabei folgen wir keinem genauen Plan, meist sind es einfach Projekte, auf die wir aufmerksam werden. Wenn Ihr also ein tolles soziales Projekt in der Region Berlin kennt, das Ihr für unterstützungswürdig haltet, schreibt uns einfach! Auch unterstützen wir wohltätige Veranstaltungen gerne mit dem ein oder anderen Kasten Bier, auch hier bitte eine e-mail an

Are you over 18?

Are you over 18 years old?