Unsere Biere


The latest edition of our fruit-infused Berliner Weisse series sees soulmates basil and raspberry
intertwine in a tryst, which results in a lovechild of epic proportions. Raspberry couli, garnished
with a smattering of bruised basil and lemon zest, dominates the aroma leading to a lingering,
tangy finale.

4% VOL. | 5 IBU

BRLO x Run The Jewels – Down

You’re gonna need a bigger boat, boys and girls, ’cause you’re in trouble with this CBD-infused double IPA. Bone-dry, bitter and dank to the core. DOWN, the 2nd collab between iconic hip hop duo Run The Jewels × BRLO.

7,5% VOL. | 75 IBU Double IPA

BRLO x Run The Jewels – Legend Has It

From the minds of Run the Jewels and the hands of Berlin’s BRLO, step into the spotlight with this CBD-infused pilsner. Dry-hopped with Brandenburg hemp and Columbus hops, expect a mouthful of dank followed by a crisp finish, making this a perfect session beer.


Water, Malt, Hops (Columbus), Yeast, CBD hemp

How to drink it

Turn down the lights, turn up some RTJ and let the CBD-infusion do the rest.

5% VOL. | 40 IBU Pils

BRLO Ariana Grande Vol.2

In the second year of our green hopping series, we have decided to create an IPA. As in the first year we used the popular hop variety Ariana. It can not get any fresher!

5,5% VOL. | 45 IBU Wet Hop IPA

BRLO – Mango Maracuja Weisse

An  explosive  aroma of tropical  fuits dominate this innovative  spin on our classic Berliner Weisse.  Over 200KG of fresh fruit puree lend this  beer its golden orange hue and incomparable  aroma. The Summer may be over, but this beer  is pure sunshine in a glass!

4% VOL. | 5 IBU Berliner Weisse

BRLO Yes We Can!

Say hello to one of the hoppiest little beers we’ve brewed to date! Three late stage hop additions and a double dry-hopping contribute a restrained bitterness and a powerful thump of stone and tropical fruit, while ample additions of wheat, oats, and rye ensure a luscious and hazy body. Store cold. Drink fresh.

6,5% VOL. | 20 IBU New England IPA

BRLO KaDeWe Pils

To celebrate the launch of our slick new location- in KaDeWe- we have brewed an exclusive, crisp and cool Pils- befitting of our first home away from home. KaDeWe pils is our interpretation of a classic North German Pils. A backbone of Pilsner and Munich malt provides the launching pad for beautiful noble hops to shine to their floral and spicy heart’s content, while a subdued bitterness and restrained abv make this beer the perfect choice for some Frühshoppen.

5% VOL. | 25 IBU Pils

Brazilian Blowout

Based on the first creation to come from the kettles at Gleisdreieck, this iteration is finished with an infusion of Malagueta chilis which were grown in our Brazilian brewmasters garden in Sao Paulo, lending a beautiful warmth which intensifies with every sip. For those who know: Brazilian Blowout is actually a hair-drying technique from Brazil.


5% VOL. | 60 IBU Chili Ale

Weizen My Ass

A classic take on the Bavarian staple. A soft pillowy body proudly showcases fruity yeast esters of clove, nutmeg, and banana.

5% VOL. | 15 IBU Hefeweizen

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