Handcrafted with Berlin love

BRLO is the slavic origin of the name Berlin. From our 38 shipping containers here in Berlin -in the heart of Gleisdreieck – we’re excited not to only present to you our award-winning beers, but also our award-winning restaurant, the BRLO BRWHOUSE. We’re not your normal brewery, and we kind of like that. We hope you do too.


BRLO. Beer for humans.

"Save the planet - It's the only one with beer!"


Introducing: Hit the Silk

10. August 2018    

Sometimes trends are meant to be followed. Other times you have to carve out your own niche. Wylam have been pushing the boundaries of taste, texture, aroma and flavour in recent years, having successfully made the transition from real ale purists to masters of contemporary…


Meet El Hefe!

10. July 2018    

In 2009, a golden child of contemporary + classic brewing tradition was born: the Hopfenweizen, a chimera of a classic American IPA and the German heritage brew, Hefeweizen. And less than a decade following that, we – alongside the mighty Tiny Rebel Brewing Co. – continued that…